Is Prince of Pages, Inc. a physical bookstore?

No. Prince of Pages, Inc. is an online author website. There is no physical location for you to visit. 

Does Prince of Pages, Inc. sell the work of other authors?

No. Prince of Pages, Inc. is an author website of Tracy Carol Taylor exclusively.

Are hardcopies of all your books available?

Yes. Paperback books can be ordered and will be shipped to you from IngramSpark. Ebooks can be directly downloaded.

May I link to your page?

No. At this time, Prince of Pages, Inc. has yet to accept affiliate links.

Can I buy textbooks from this site?

No. There are no textbooks sold here.

Are you a bookstore or a church?

Neither. For some reason, some of the search engines have me listed as a book store. Others have me listed as a church. I'm not sure why. However, Prince of Pages, Inc. is an eCommerce business that sells books.

Writing Questions


What Inspired You to Become a Writer?

 I have always been an avid reader. My room had four bookcases full of books. My desire to travel and have adventures came from those books. That and I come from a military family, so traveling was always in my blood. I just love discovering new things. 

 After graduation, one of the jobs that I had was as a secretary. But I was a very quick study and could finish an entire days work in three hours. So for five hours I would be bored and fall asleep. My boss threatened to fire me if I didn't stay away, so I started writing stories as a way for me to stay away and make it look like I was working. Later, one of my co-workers read my stories and said I should publish them. 

The rest is history.

How Do You Come Up with Ideas for Your Books?


Ideas come from everywhere. Some of my ideas have been dreams or nightmares that I have had. Some of my ideas have come from sermons that my pastor had preached. Five of my stories, to date, have come from my Dentist and her dental records of my teeth. I have also gotten ideas from songs that have impressed me. Even things that my friends and family have said or done may have triggered my imagination. However, not all my stories are based on people (real or imaginary). Sometimes, my stories are based on simple objects; anything from toasters to bottles of jelly. 

I have written a story called "The Brave Little Bottle". It is based on a news story that I heard about a little girl that threw a bottle with a message in it into the ocean. Three years later, it shows up on a beach. The person who found it was the little girl's grandmother. Now of all the people that could found it, of all the other bottles that have been thrown into the ocean over the years. This one made it to its destination. So I wrote the story from the bottle's point of view. I tried to imagine how scared he must have been. How he must have worried and wondered where he was going and where he was going to end up?

Keep Your Eyes, Ears, and Mind Open. Look at Things From Different Points of View. There are always more than just two sides of a story and everyone who has ever lived has a story to tell. 

Who is Your Favorite Author? And Why?

 When I was a kid, it was Jules Verne. In high school, it was Conon Doyle. In College, I discovered the original Brothers Grimm. Now I like Kate Carlisle. Why? Because her characters are funny, not funny ha ha, but funny in that they all have at least one trait that makes them quirky and memorable. Strange and weird (and believable) characters are fun to read. Nothing is worse than reading a book and you don't care what happens to the characters because they are so flat and boring.  

What are Your Current Projects?

Right now, I am currently working on four books. I have working titles, and characters, but I am working on the story. It may take a while in that I like stories that are fun. If I'm not having fun with it, I will abandon the project.

Who Designs Your Covers and Illustrations for You?

A young lady that lives in Florida does all my covers and my tooth illustrations for me. She is brilliant. She is currently attending an art college and working on her degree. I found her on Deviantart.com. It's a great website for finding artists. The website allows artist to show off their skills and it allows free contact with the artists if you wish to commission them for work. All you really have to do is find an artist whose style you admire and then email them (if an email address is provided). If they respond, ask them if they do commissions and about their rates. The rest is just setting up a workable agreement between the two of you. I'm blessed to have found her. She is a great person to work with and a very talented artist.

How can I Get a Book Published?

First, write a book. Second, find an editor on Fiverr.com. This website has a ton of people that will help you for as low as $5.00. Third, find a self-publisher like IngramSpark or seek out a book agent. The book agent will help you get your work in front of the major book publishers. (Note: Never pay a book agent up front. They should take their pay from a part of your profits.)