Wondering Ardor


A wonderful collection of wonder filled poems, daydreams, nightmares, and simple thoughts. A quick read for a bored mind looking for something different and strange.

ISBN: 978-0-983322-30-6
paperback, eBook, pages 136
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Poetry does not have to be stuffy and boring: just as live does not have to be routine or mundane. My book of poetry called Wondering Ardor is a romp through a playground of poetry; where life is not always so boring, and the day holds whatever one’s imagination can think up.

Wondering Ardor is a humorous walk through life. From simple contemplations to deep repressed desires. From a mother’s warnings to “Take Your Dishes With You” to a daughter’s first crush. Read poems like “Why Did I Get Married” to “I Miss My Life, My Love”. Wondering Ardor is a delightful look at the magical occurrences that happen every day.


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